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"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
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Bhavesh Lohar
Seo Expert

Experience Growth at scale

Get a well-planned SEO roadmap to visibly see your future growth right from the beginning. 

Well, there is no magic code to write and rank but a planned strategy can really help like magic. 

Understand your Intention

When starting work with any client, the first thing to keep in mind is their intention that they have in mind.

I focus on clients’ direct needs, so then I can fulfill them and make a satisfactory relation between us.

remain calm across the rush

My mission is to create a 10x better value to your investment made on me.

In the long run, even if we are not assigned together my work is going to fulfill my mission and definitely going to create a value deal. 

fall in love with my features

Real-time stats

My committed weekly reports are going to tell you every update and progress we made recently, so you don't have to worry about it.


When it comes to time or a deadline, it sucks always when not achieved. So I keep trying hard to achieve your targets on time.

Amazingly responsive

You are more valuable to me if we are assigned together, you are free to get in touch with me anytime if you want to consult about something.

Relationship builder

Your success is my success, the relation between us is going towards a successful future. So that's why I take care of my clients.

let's Make a beautiful relation

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SEO 99%
Market Planing 99%

Why Should I SEO my website?

Suppose, you have a shop where you are selling books. You have a lot of books on various topics, your collection is larger than any of your competitors but, unfortunately, your entity is situated in the street where no one can come usually.

This condition can also apply to websites where you have a better service or product to sell than other competitors. The problem is the same as you are not getting traffic, if you rank in Google SERP you will get traffic.

Google Optimization is really important nowadays because no customer is going to reach you offline the trend is going to change. Now they are searching online and you also have to appear there to serve them, if we won’t change accordingly to the time and need we are going to outdate and fade out easily.

What services I have to serve you?

I have a complete solution for you regarding your online promotion needs.

If you are willing more traffic on your website I can give you an SEO Consultancy through which we can figure out ways through which traffic can be increased.

If you want traffic instantly then we can also implement paid marketing tricks, these also help in increasing traffic as well as drive conversion. These paid marketing campaigns are also known as PPC Services.

In which we can promote ourselves through many platforms which are; Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Google Ads, Youtube Video Ads, or Twitter Ads.

Expert Local SEO services to make an appealing presence on your local web market, which can drive you physical footfalls and leads.

Difference between Paid and Organic marketing?

Paid Marketing

  • It rewards you with quick results.
  • Keeps returning you until you are paying.
  • It is capable of reaching a more demographic audience.

Organic Marketing

  • It has slow DNA which takes time.
  • It keeps helping you in a long run.
  • It is a good method to built authority.

Why Choose me as your SEO Freelancer or Google Optimiser?

There are a lot of things I have to tell you but, first, ask yourself what do you want in return for your investment?

Yess, its Return on Investment. That’s what I am committed to giving you, a value investment of your money. With a dedicated mindset, I am always seeking new things that can help both you and me. Self Motivation is the key to go ahead and ahead.

User or Client Experience is most important for both me and google, we pursue the same goals to create optimum value for our valuable client.