We create Strategy that work.

Get an All-In-One marketing strategy,  which include all social media and search engine paid ADs campaign.

Display over a Billion people

There are a lot of user roaming around on internet show your product advertisement to those who are a little interested, it turns into a boosted conversion rate if your product is worth to them.

Features to start, sell & grow

Paid Marketing

Weather you own a fortune brand or a small street shop, both have to achieve their sales target.

Paid Marketing on Social Media or Search Engine can really help you achieve instantly your goals.

Relax and reach your audience.

Most popular and engaging Media Advertisement which really makes sense to buyer, but is costs a bit high side.

Introduce your existing or new product to a wide audience through many social media platforms or search ads.

Promote your content based ADs on social media or search engine. They cost much less than image or video based Advertisement.

When to Start Paid Marketing?

If you planning to increase your conversions right now or say immediately, then this is the most right moment to start your campaign. Paid Marketing is known for immediate results. 

But still you have a doubt then ask yourself what do you need be fulfilled. Do you have right product to sell? Is your infrastructure is ready to boom? Are you ready to see sales increment?

Things are waiting for you just go and grab them, if you are pretty confident about your product or service then what’s wrong in promoting them?

Where should I pop my AD?

For this you have your expert PPC specialist who will consult you about your products and where to show them.

Accordingly to your audience we decide where to show up ADs, we design your advertisement while keeping in mind that who is going to impress with you. An Eye catching Ad which leads to great success.

How many platform are there where we can promote ourselves?

  1. Facebook/Instagram Paid Marketing – One of the most common platform which is used by over 2.7 billion active users worldwide, the best platform where we can find almost every kind of audience. It’s also pocket friendly to advertisers and allows almost every kind of AD structure.
  2. Twitter Paid Marketing – It’s a highly valued website over the web where almost every authoritative entity make sure it’s presence. It also have a vast community of 152 million active users worldwide but the negative markup is the high cost of AD campaigns. 
  3. LinkedIn Paid Marketing – This palform has the most diffrent kind of culture where all B2B connections are seen. The most noticable thing here is that all users here are kind of decision makers who can afford to make changes, but also cost on higher side but have have a high converting rate.
  4. Google Paid Marketing – Where in SEO we fight for organic traffic, so google also supports paid solutions. For Google ADs we must have a landing page and cost of campaigns are also reasonable because of it’s user intended impression.

These were the most used and rated advertisement platforms where showing ADs can return us a value.

How to create BRAND?

To create a brand you have to follow three steps which are: MARKETING>ADVERTISING>BRANDING

You must be thinking about the difference between them? Or you may have heard about those all terms somewhere else?

But what does they mean, today I am going to break this down this for you.

  1. Marketing – When you tell about your product/service on your own perspective this is known as marketing. Like if your are telling someone yourselfly that this product is good and you should buy it or putting some banners  around the city, or posting on your account about product/service which has direct contact between you and audience is known as Marketing.
  2. Advertising – When you adopt a third part medium to reach your audience and tell them about you product/services is considered under advertisement. Like we adopt facebook or other mediums to engage other audience who don’t follow us, or we may hire an influencer to do the same for us.
  3. Branding – Now it comes to point that we have done a fantastic job in marketing and advertising ourselves but did not satisfied the consumer which we converted by using the both methods listed above. Lets understand this thing completely.

             If a consumer is not satisfied with our product/services he is not going to buy us again and will devalue us by telling people aroung him so that they should not buy from us; while a happy consumer is going to tell other that we are so delightful, which will create brand value for us and a kind of free promotion of us.

Many businesses nowadays don’t focus on consumer needs and get out of market very soon!

If you want to play long you have to give satisfaction otherwise thing will be going worst, even conversions will also fall down with time and per conversion it will cost you a lot.

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