Search engine optimization made easy

Gain quality traffic

Make your website more visible to those are searching for it, gain highly converting traffic organically.

follow user needs

Always going according to google is not going to help, it's better to think about users who are roaming on our website.

Competitor benchmarking

Perform better against your competitors to outrank them and steal their ongoing business domination.

Less cost more profit

Rather than spending on lot of money on ADs, SEO is quite cheaper and more beneficial as it is a organic process.

What is SEO Services?

Whenever a user enters a query on any search engine it quickly brings some results related to it. These results are calculated through search engine algorithms.

Now, there is a lot of competition around the web, every one is willing to rank but how?

Search Optimization is answer, here we optimise our web pages in two ways which are Off-page and On-page SEO. We make some changes according to google or users we are targeting for. It is a long term process as ranking increases over time and dedication but our consistency is going to help you a lot.

On-page SEO

Changes made on our web page or can say on our URL are considered as On-page. It plays a major role as it is the display part of our website.

We should prepare our web pages according to both Search Engine and user experience.

Off-page SEO

In this part, the work done other than our pages or URL is considers as Off-page. It helps us make relevance and reliability according to search engine and also drives traffic in long run.

Who should acquire SEO Optimization?

Are you struggling with your business?

After pandemic facing low sales?

Want to 2x current sales?

If I say this all is possible you’ll possibly trust me as now days everyone is aware of the power of online marketing.

But yet, you are not sure that it’s gonna work or not then you are spoiling your future. Currently we have to go nowhere to buy anything as it is available on our mobile devices.

Take an example of me, my services are available on your cell phone.

See, how easy it to reach me out just by searching-seeking-aveling me through a phone call or E-mail.

How to select right SEO Package?

When it comes to a package there are no bars actually,but still I have tried to make some sort of categorization. 

To get a better insight you should ask for a SEO Audit so one can describe plans according to your current status.

I give audits and qutation free of cost, by clicking the button below you can directly mail me. 

Just three things to write;

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the perfect SEO plan

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Frequently asked questions

The Process of optimising a web page in order to rank higher while increase quality and quantity of traffic on Search Engine Result Page is known as SEO.

Well costing depends on various factors such as number of keywords you want to rank on, competition in your industry, current health status of your website, and some other also. To get more clear insight, get a free audit from me and pricing quotation according to your needs.

Anyone who wants to increase their business revenue through search engine or want more engagement should go for a SEO plan.

Go for an agency or freelancer does not differ much, but agencies are busy and need more and more clients. While as a freelancer I want less but quality clients where I can satisfy their needs totally.

Nowadays, after this pandemic no one is happy see peoples physically or say we are following social distancing. I am also aware of your security so I only interact online through video or audio calls.